Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Finished Products / Custom-Made

          Our well-equipped workshop with its extensive tooling and fabricating machinery enables us to offer standard and customized products. We specialize in extruder screens of any shapes, polymer filters, spin pack screen and gaskets for synthetic fiber production. 
Examples of stainless steel wire mesh filters are
- Cut sizes in various shapes and meshes
- Spot-welded packs of mesh layers, which are ideal for easy insertion of the replacement screen into the screen changer by eliminating pack assemblies.
- Framed packs of mesh layers with either aluminium or stainless steel rims, which will function as a seal around the screen pack and breaker plate resulting in leak-proof.
- Cylindrical and cone elements, either spot-welded or framed with aluminium or stainless steel rims.
- Filter cartridges with plain or pleated woven mesh coupled with rigid cylindrically perforated plate for oil/water filtration.
- Sifting screen supporter made from stainless steel wire mesh edged with special canvas and eyelets 
          With these ready-made and customized filters, they are easy to use, organize and convenient to keep in the store. Ultrasonic cleaning is available for all stainless steel wire mesh filters.