Plant Support Net (Bi-Oriented Net)

          Plant Support Net (also referred as Trellis Support Net) is manufactured using UV stabilised Polypropylene (PP).  Mainly used for agriculture purposes either commercially or for our home garden as a plant support, our net is strong, lightweight and weather resistant. 

          The mesh has thin strands and big aperture size that ensures the plant receive sufficient air circulation and sunlight while providing vital tensile strength to maintain sturdiness and support for plants.  Use vertically to save space in garden or for the purpose of designs that adds a new dimension of visual interest.  Use horizontally where space allows the plant to grow through it. Its lightweight makes it easy to install, dismantle and store.
Plant support net can be used vertically or horizontally, which is suitable for climbing plants and vegetables:
    - Use Vertically : To hold and train climbing plants such as vines, beans, peas, cucumbers.
    - Use Horizontally : Ideal for long-stemmed plants such as chrysanthemums, carnations, freesias, long-stemmed roses.