Mosnox is a HDPE mesh coated with an insecticide called Deltamethrin.  Deltamethrin is approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the safest class of pesticide used for home pest control.  Mosnox helps in eliminating insects when they come in direct contact with the mesh.  The active ingredient Deltamethrin will paralyse the insects and eventually kills them.
          Mosnox is registered with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) of Thailand, and The National Agency (NEA) of Singapore (NRIC/ACRU/UEN No. 201020402Z). 
Mosnox’s features
  • Knockdown on contact and eventually die
  • Strong and durable
  • Remains active after 15 washes
  • Safe for your family and harmless to your pets
  • Residential uses for window & door insect screens.
  • Suitable for installing on pet cage to protect your pet from mosquitos.