To be the global leader in the manufacture of MESH that reflects the best mind and talents and the best equipment to dynamically influence the future of our products, and at the same time add value to people’s lives, improve health and safety and make this world more sustainable.

1. We focus on creating innovations that tackle today’s tough issues and concerns.  We work with our customers and our communities to try build a better tomorrow with products that make the world safer, more sustainable and even more beautiful.

2. We adopt best practices to improve plant safety, passion for quality manufacturing, and productivity with training, thereby learning to work smarter, safer and more efficiently, and bringing about positive and measurable improvements.

3. We are dedicated to delivering effective methods of educating and empowering our associates to solve problems at a human level.  We treat our associates with dignity and respect and find opportunities to exploit their capabilities, improve their working conditions and enhance the quality of life for our workforce.


FRAMEWORK : Organisational Core Values


          We conduct our business with a higher purpose and a longer term view, and therefore hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards at all times.

Vision & Growth
          We strive to remain competitive in the ever-changing dynamic environment.  With sound leadership that enables strategic decision-making with a long-term view, we recognize that in order for our customers and our organization to be economically sustainable, our innovations must enable us to both win in the market and to re-invest for the future.

Customer Satisfaction
          Customer satisfaction is our goal.  We strive for excellence and create the highest quality products and services because our customers deserve no less.  We find gratification in our achievements that may positively change the customers’ experience.

Teamwork & Recognition
          We provide support to one another working co-operatively, respecting one another’s views and making our work environment fun and enjoyable. We recognize and reward each other’s contributions and efforts by way of appraisal and staff gratuities.

Social Responsibility
          We feel a sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which we operate. We are bound by our wastes and pollution reduction processes as well as consciously contributing our efforts to the community by way of philanthropy and volunteering services.  More information on our social programs are updated in our website.

          We embrace the challenge of developing new ideas and tackling today’s issues through science, and immense curiosity and creativity. It extends our understanding of the fundamental nature of things and enabling us to benefit humanity by creating new technologies that are both effective and friendlier to nature.  We are driven to go further to seek innovative solutions and deliver new products to the market.